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The future of reading is here

We bring an altogether different level of experience and comfort to our users in form of Audiobooks. Readers can now play a book even when they are driving. No need to be at a comfortable place to read a book, just plug your earphones in and there you go. Why to carry extra luggage while you travel? Why to struggle for the internet while being at a remote location? Just download your favourite audiobooks to listen in offline mode and you are all set.


Explore our vast collection by genres, by authors or by trend. Find your best interest before you start a book.


Close your eyes and witness the story while leaving your surroundings aside. A digital experience to book reading. Oh, did I just say reading? Never mind.


Reading while you are traveling is difficult. So why read at all? Switch to Papervoice and start listening to books. Get the recommendations as per your interest.

Amazing Features

What One can want to read ? Romance ? Something Inspiring ? Or Thrilling ? May just follow the best sellers. Well papervoice got you covered. So lets see what else do we have in our app.

Unlimited Access for Free

All Audiobooks are available for free of cost. Just jump in and listen to what you like.

Discover Your Interest

Find your interest from vast collection of Audiobooks available for free.

Smart curation

Read about the book and author before you start reading the book. Get most of the info on the homepage itself.

Customizable playlist

Customise your own collection based on your interest.

Light and Dark Theme

Switch between light and dark theme while using our app. You should go easy on your eyes and your nighttime neighbors by enabling dark mode.

Offline Download

Download the audiobooks you like and listen without the internet.

PaperVoice App Available Free Download

Download the PaperVoice App and Listen to your favorite books anytime, anywhere, right on your phone or tablet.

Our Roadmap

Here are the upcoming features that we have in our bucket list to build

Multiple Narrators

Adding Multiple Narrators based on the number of characters in book

Background Music

Adding Different Background Music Based On The Scene

Text Audio Sync

Synchronizing And Displaying Text With Audio Narration

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Have feedback, suggestion, or any thought about our app? Feel free to contact us anytime, we will get back to you in 24 hours.